And the rest, is history

Reminds me of “You do not do, you do not do”.

What other influences did she have?

Brunschvigc, someone who doesn’t believe in essences, unlike… Panzer man panzer man. I love Plath. The Brunschvigcs and those memoirs are probably a good place to begin the genealogy of feminism, do I have to do everything for you?

Christ. The shiksa-an-sich?

Can’t blame it all on joooz, the occident is one, we can blame this German too

”Why ‘blame’ him? What’s wrong with that?”

As a thought-experiment ask yourself if the elites of the CCP would be very “thrilled” about this when looking at the west

A synchronous explainer of leftism?

Their “children” are the wretched of the earth, while the white children here are neglected. One problem among many that the CCP should be cautious of.

More about Leibniz though to help understand the roots of our present weltanschaaung

She wanted to be unique. And she was. She didn’t want to be “indiscernible” from other women. She is discernible, now what about her grand-daughters? I can only discern a few who are discernible, cancel-culture doesn’t really encourage discernibility, in fact it appears to prize indiscernibility above all else. The left can’t get Marx right, it can’t get Beauvoir right- all it does well is control. And control for what? Indiscernibility.

Anyway the author I’ve been pulling from cites these if you want to look more into this

I can’t find her thesis on Leibniz, her student journals are translated though

Advances in technology are one reason more women aren’t like her- it’s so easy to “go to the cinema” all day right on one’s laptop. The same media being absorbed by all of them is also closely tied to this problem

Making two of them alike? Looking at the cathedral one gets the impression that God made 100 million, a billion, of the same one. This couldn’t be right, could it?

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