Ahhh they’re all like this, all the way to the end of the google search, and on libgen too

It’s so annoying how they have to sanitize intellectual history like this, I’m sure the universities are rife with this “politically convenient reinterpretation” too—granted this is their own version of genealogy- problem is, now the facts are buried. That’s why I say genealogy by its nature isn’t a ‘weekend project’, it’s about digging beneath the surface scholarship, and that’s more needed in our time than ever, as this example illustrates. You’d think the hundreds of millions of women in the west who are cladistic Beauvoirians would want to learn Sartre to help them understand themselves– with scholarship like this they’re misled from that. Also just so you know I’d be less apt to ask someone as wise as Beauvoir to make me a sandwich, you can’t expect equality when you put in the absolute minimum effort. Narrator’s voice- “They’ll expect it anyway.” Who knows, maybe Sartre was right about some things, and you’ll glean some nuances that Beauvoir didn’t? Fact of the matter is, today people act like Beauvoir represents year 1, when the others before her that she learned from arguably have more grounded ideas about reality in some cases. Find out for yourself!

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