Thirsting after a couple of the students here, to give me hope amidst all the braindead ones I endure. There are so many tells that give away whether they’re merely high-IQ versions of bluechecks, then… there are a couple that don’t have any of those tells. Except you wonder how being in such a vibrant atmosphere as you can see that is scrolling through there does to a person. For a moment I’m just going to pretend they’re immune.

Or this one for instance – “PhD Philosophy (certificate in Women and Gender Studies)” for some reason I often imagine strangling these types with a noose and them liking their dialectic antithesis despite their professed views (no one has to know what we do! ahahaha) Then you have to wonder about how they won’t be hired anywhere if people knew about us, so similar problem with online people.

At least with academics they’re less animal-like and don’t live in the realm of shadows DON’T WORRY YOU FUCKING RETARDS WE’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THAT PLACE FOR MILLENNIA IT MUST NOT BE REAL YOU MUST NOT BE THERE No, you’re there, you’re probably going to be there forever, your soul is like an animal’s.

Imagine me on this diverse crew of academics, minus the swearing like a sailor of course, no you can’t imagine that because they’re not truly diverse.

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