Here are two more that touch on a crucial distinction

They use western countries to represent individualism though, and my first thought is- Have you ever even been over here? You think it’s not collectivistic? Maybe in the light of Asian countries it isn’t. Then I wonder to what degree this east/west difference is a myth, because I can’t possibly imagine somewhere that’s even more collectivistic than the US. Then again, I had another one of those moments earlier where I was contemplating turning into a total traitor and moving to Russia before once again remembering that they’d probably just kill me over there, so I guess at least the US isn’t that collectivistic?

Anyway eventually we’re going to discover how all these different factors work together. That’s going to be a pitfall on the way to the overman, finding genetic correlations for certain traits that are only ideal in the context of already-existing humans. “Yeah let’s spread this individualism gene” when in reality it’s just a less severe form of collectivism. Even if you just rebuilt the genome from scratch, which some have been speculating about, you’d still run into this problem. I think one solution to this problem would be to study exceptions rather than the herds they are part of that they exist as exceptions within. So, the most extremely collectivistic-minded Chinese people and the most extremely individualist-minded American people, rather than just a “random sample of the population”. If you go with the latter in America and get mostly liberals and normiecons (which is 90 something percent of the population) then you might as well be sampling China because to some of us they’re just as collectivistic and conformistic as the stereotype we have of Chinese people, which is that they all might as well be one person because they have pretty much the same exact beliefs about everything at the end of the day. We don’t want people like that in the future for obvious reasons. Well I guess that isn’t so obvious if you’re part of that 90%.

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