Just realized that this post explains post-feminist women too.


Trying to understand their vengeful attitude, where many of them seem to be at in this “trajectory of the freedom-geist”.

It’s our fault for giving them a chance, and expecting them to have the same potential as men if only a change in belief-system took place. And now when that has failed, and they find themselves living meaningless lives, they blame us. Many are still in denial that we’ve gone through these stages, they try to still cling to the idea of equality that they were raised with- this surely increases their neuroses, and intensifies the cycle of revenge.

What’s really worse, tolerating a dim yet grounded Mormon, or having to constantly squeeze the wrists of a weeping hysterical post-feminist? I’m just trying to help you, I don’t like dim women, I think we can create a more realistic feminism. If not, going back to Medieval times doesn’t sound that bad, so if you don’t want to cooperate then oh well.

What happens is, they get a slight sense of freedom after millennia and they just need more and more- it’s about power essentially. Their need for power blinds them from freedom they could have in the future if they were more balanced. They want all the freedom right now, and all that means is bird brains being affirmative action’d in to places of authority where they are not supposed to be. Do you think every guy on a dumptruck has the potential to be the best governor of your state? Same dynamic pretty much, except with women imagine the manipulation factors of cleavage, “glances”, and all the rest, you still smell like garbage to me no matter how hot you are if you push your mindless agendas that will only lead to decreased freedom for everyone ultimately.

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