womp womp

This is one of the ways the Chinese are getting the dirty drugs over here though. How about the good stuff?

2C’s = phenethylamines

What kinds of crazy science experiments are they doing these days? I wonder if they’ve ventured beyond Shulgin.

I’m out of my element with most of these, have been too paranoid to order any over the years due to my political activity online, so you’re a guinea pig if you do “research” on this, all I suggest is that you can think of those in the 2C-x category approximately as “crispr’d-peyote”.

Then they have some now that are distant distant cousins of peyote

Remember, this is what serotonin looks like

Now look at this research chemical, TFM-Fly, again (wtf?)

They say it’s the strongest 2C available.

So does that mean, I wonder, facilitates consciousness of the most alien world?

The truest reality?

“Serotoninomimetics” – I like that word. These are “research chemicals” too yknow, they’ve just been ~approved~ by ~experts~

Lexapro, aka escitalopram

Xanax, aka alprazolam

I took xanax recreationally maybe 10-15 times back in the day. What it does is kill thoughts. Makes you stupid. That’s what it does. I tried a couple antidepressants in the early 2010s to see what all the hype was about and they did something similar, made me feel like a conformist. Psychedelics do the opposite of that, they give you more thoughts. So why is it that these serotoninomimetics have that effect and this latter one

has these effects?

What’s goin on here anyway? Want to riddle me that?

What kind of DMT-like research chemicals have they made now?

Have they altered this creation of Shulgin’s? More than half cease to be atheists after using DMT. Is it possible to alter an entheogen so there’s a–100% rate? I feel devilish wondering about that, ironically.

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