They’ve put more research into “chemical weapon drugs” than they have for a perfect mysticism drug, surprise surprise

This is an anticholinergic deliriant like datura. Doesn’t this just look like a “witch’s brew” molecule?

Weaponizing witch’s brew, thank you US military.

Can be spread through a handshake, isn’t that nice?

Maverick of the day I got this study from, he seems to know what he’s talking about regarding research chemicals, and has embarked on an interesting project during quarantine.


What interests me about all this is that I see some of these substances as posthumanism that already exists. The questions are, how can the experience be sustained, how can the experience be sustained while functioning in normal society, and what substances can we create that are beyond any that we’re at present aware of, i.e. there’s probably a “research chemical” that’s already made that would seem like postposthumanism to me based on previous experiences with entheogens that are not as obscure. Already been made, or needs to be made, needs to be cooked.

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