This idea keeps appearing in my thoughts as a testament to white privilege in the non-pejorative sense and the zenith of advanced time-preference.

This is the first project that ConsenSys, the ones who acquired Planetary Resources, began formulating. So I deduce that this is what they determined was most important for the near-term, what we have to figure out before I, I mean we, can get me space diamuns. Planetary Resources’ pivoting to this is an immanent sign of where we are in time. Mining those PGMs and off-world resources is an intergenerational goal that began in the late 1800s, this is where we are now. Focusing on this potential problem

is for the sake of the millennials and zoomers. There’s a chance that boomers will never live to see us as a species mine in space. Not so with the younger generations. I’m just trusting the experience of the minds at Planetary Resources- they evidently found this to be a concern, as abstract as it probably seems to someone hearing about it for the first time.

They refer to satellite-tracking as a “sport”. Some Marxists will probably interpret this as “decadence“. Even those who have no qualms with white privilege might see it as tedious. I personally see it as a form of genuflection to misanthropy and the superhuman. Just one moment out of the day where an extreme Exit-enthusiast can dream of an increasingly not-so-distant future. This seems like something he would do if he were alive today

Futurism, in its most practical application. I’ll be honest with you, there’s something about this I appreciate simply because it implicitly spites the left. Just a casual F U to them when you see something bright in the sky that isn’t a star or a plane. SNAP, yup this one’s going in my “You’re not taking us down with you into your real-life Bosch painting” collection.

Once again, I’m just deferring to my elders with this one. They find this important. Also, I want me space diamuns n, I’m gonna get em.

Erik Seedhouse wrote about this too in that one book I mentioned about space war with China, he’s ahead of the curve on lots of things (and not to mention inhumanly erudite).

I just see this as a way to participate in something futural in the real-world.

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