You can’t tell me that learning that a book like this exists doesn’t brighten your day

Hm this book was referenced at Unqualified Reservations a few times, not a surprise

Oh no, we’re not going off to live in a dome-city without also planning out how to kill you too. Behold, the more refined “sports” of white privilege.

Pretttty sure we’ve been working on this for a few years now, not to name any names. Let’s not be reading a reactionary in 2040 saying “How do you start a military coup? Start twenty years ago.” Low time-preference. If you’re not an avid reader type or a science-type, the military might be the place for you.

Moldbug referred to Luttwak as the closest thing to Clausewitz of 2007, I’m liking him so far

It’s times like this when an updated formalism for 2020 is handy. Just an innocent whistling kind of day like any other.

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