Saw a picture with a true “snob” facial expression, you don’t see that very often. For the same reason you don’t hear or see verbal or textual expressions of that kind, because they’re invitations to the guillotine. I wonder what else we lose without realizing it in our constant effort to not get on the wrong side of the unwashed mob. A face of contempt, I like to see that. Words would be even better- those aren’t ambiguous enough unfortunately. I sense that the pathos of distance must be preserved by some in private. A problem we have is that since what only flatters the mob appears in public, of necessity else you’ll lose status and money, mob-flattering attitudes begin to affect private life as well, the spirit of the mob lives with you, even worse, you are now the mob yourself. The “pleasant peasant” mask has fused to your face. No snobbish lip-curls/pouts for me, makes me sad to never see those, the spirit of contempt has been guillotined leaving behind a clone of the mob.

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