A statistic I wasn’t expecting to see today

So 2750, and if we separate the señoritas from the abuelitas, looks like Latinas are on the menu, boys.

“Menu” it’s interesting I’d have that thought

“Tortilla wrap seller blood” – Mean? Not true?

There’s probably some viable percent in the population, those that didn’t need to migrate to the US.

Then you have to wonder, and don’t tell the third-worlders this- if you don’t want to move from there that’s pretty stupid, so we can scrutinize these remainers for that reason. Again though, there’s probably a percent that hasn’t needed to move. And/or perhaps aware of the decadence of western nations? That would be a great sign. I bet there are oil sheikh families like this among the Arabs. There’s got to be some disdainful women of the kind I’m thinking of among those that you won’t find in the rabblized west. Probably, a conservative estimate, at least half the countries in the world at least have some percent? Then places like Zimbabwe obviously are at zero. A place like China where everyone of value either was gulagged and starved to death or joined the gulaggers and starvers, some of the descendants of the latter might be still viable – “Hot Chinese gulagger who can be flipped back into a reactionary” – why have white women driven me to even have these thoughts? Our noblewomen are probably preserved to some degree in the academy like I’ve said, and you’d never know they existed because they don’t see any value in having a presence on social media, busying themselves with teaching students and writing obscure books that next to no one will ever read. Screw tortilla fortune señoritas who are probably enmeshed with the cartels at this rate, that’s obviously the preferable option, presuming that their neurophysiology hasn’t been permanently corrupted by having to do their work in such a diverse, progressive institution of course.

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