Anyone have fun with that schizophrenic exploration of seasteading? ‘THAT’S IT, WE’RE GOING TO DUMP A MOUNTAIN OF ROCKS ONTO ZEALANDIA!’

I’ve been looking for more material to vibe off of

This list wasn’t helpful at all

There’s no other book remotely like this one. Then, I found a goodreads review that had a similar criticism that I’ve made

The book’s style is too much like a newspaper. Rather than focus on the main advantages of seasteading, it focuses on the concerns of the average person, and on how seasteading might affect them. 

The audience it aims at, “optics”,

Yet the book seems aimed more at creating broad, shallow support among ordinary readers

“What makes you so arrogant to say that, huh?” – if that is your reaction to this you’re exactly the kind of person that necessitates that books be written like this.

Goodreads reviews have the advantage of being a mixed bag from time to time, the majority is laypersons making unthoughtful remarks, and then occasionally you find what seems like some kind of professional who isn’t constrained by the need to sound like a professional, a boring bureaucrat or proper scholar, who offers insights

Is he wrong? These are the paradoxes that prevent a new civilization from forming.

Eventually this reviewer links to a book he says was available online in 2004 which he thinks is better than the book in question

In this “post-settled” world the only option is to create new land. Or deal with the beliefs and values of the legacy landlords that have already settled everything, your choice. I for one am glad to find another 300+ pages on this subject, even if it does appear to be the “draft” of the book I already read. Most people are probably so content with their slavery to the overlords here that they didn’t even bother to read that book. How could you be that content? They really own you, don’t they?

Maybe I’m not so schizo after all

You ever heard of this? Something they probably don’t want you to hear about

You can say I’m writing in a fantasy genre- I’d rather be writing in this fictional genre than the blank-slate fictional genre like most of you saps

independent, sovereign enclaves in ocean, island, and coastal spaces. Such spaces have long been fodder for the imagination: Utopia, Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, and Lord of the Flies (to name only a few) have all used remote islands as means to stage arguments about the market, exchange, politics and society.

this from a paper on escape-experiments by a “critical spatial theorist” – (wut, that exists? Can we install an “Exitology” department at some university please?)

From another article by this same (cynical) leftist 👀

Ah, he reveals why such projects make him mad

less as a brave new world and more as a fairly traditional form of class warfare.

Not wanting to breathe the same air as certain people counts as warfare to them I guess? References this next

Read how hostile this is! Why?

Some can sense that a lot of this is driven by pure hatred for the dregs of society. They don’t want us to escape them. “You need to pay your debt to them” is the implicit message. “Your life needs to be made worse by being around them”. Eh no thanks, I think I’ll read the hundreds of pages I just found on how to escape instead.

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