That is something covert among some AI-enthusiasts. If there’s such a resistance to animal-testing, imagine the resistance on human-testing. Chimps are pretty much banned from being tested on at the present time, let alone WASPs.

So think of it this way. Synthetic humans are ideal because they don’t degrade as rapidly. Psychedelic-CRISPR people still have their normal bodies made of elements that will deteriorate within about 80 years. The problem we have now is whether we can replicate consciousness using synthetic elements, and not many want to touch on that because of the Hitler stigma. Even saying his name kind of jars you, doesn’t it? I’m beyond all of that. When I was a teenager I was the direct opposite, a liberal vegan, and I’ve learned since then, and I expect that other people have this potential too.

That’s a funny thing about the AI-enthusiasts, that they have a way about them that gives you the impression that they are the AI-itself. While I’m out here on the periphery of polite society thinking that extreme machinic-coldness would first like a test-run on human-specimens. Think of it this way- the AI would not like to be bound by the concerns of human society and to be crafted in its image. We need humans of post-consciousness to serve as models for it to learn from. Psychedelic-CRISPRized “humans” seem like the best option for this second step toward synthetic intelligence. And then you have all the implications of that. Why doesn’t China Mieville want us to move? All your answers to why development of the AI is so slow is contained there. There’s a connection between seasteading and AI. The “implications” of this idea of Nietzsche’s. What happens when we want an intelligence beyond humans? Millions of people find it “morally appalling” because it puts into question the various bioleninist groups, who I don’t even need to name anymore. If you believe in creating something beyond human consciousness there’s a roadblock because what that would mean is that all these groups are reminded of what an animal-frequency of consciousness they are at. That’s what prevents thoroughgoing AI research.

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