Certain writers I recurrently search for to see if anything of theirs has been published recently. The one I do this most frequently with is Dugin, at least lately. It’s because he’s one of the only ones who doesn’t write from a Western perspective. Do I agree with him per se? Do I share his hopes? Not always, for instance

He looks forward to the collapse of the USA. I can understand that. As someone who lives in the USA though that gives me a certain anxiety that Dugin doesn’t have to worry about (remember, he invited Americans to Russia if/when the collapse does happen). I like to read him because he gives you some idea of what beliefs might take root after such a collapse, and once in a while he doesn’t make it sound so bad. The “Marxists, anarchists, and looters” as Trump calls them also want a collapse, they just tend to have less of a developed idea of what they want to put in place of the current USA besides “white men bad destroy it all”, so it goes with animalistic mobs who are cognitively incapable of articulating their envy-induced resentment beyond that.

The one who translated that Platonism book of Dugin’s that’s banned on Amazon is working on another one apparently, titled Martin Heidegger: The Possibility of Russian Philosophy. Here are some books published in the last year to give you an idea of Anglo scholarship

They’re often “tarnished” you could say, and I don’t even bother clicking on them anymore. With Dugin one can expect them to be less tarnished, so I look forward to this translation. It looks like Arktos Press is working on something else by the same writer

It looks like this was his 2018 dissertation, which you can read here.

Apparently that Platonism book consists of essays from this site which might have more writers worth looking into. Bezos hates you, I wonder if he’d hate your friends too?

If you want to know more about this yet to be translated book on Heidegger, he has an essay that focuses on it.

This guy has all sorts of interesting essays actually.

Dugin is one of the most effective ones I’ve found for bringing about a “spiritual exit”, so it’s no wonder he’s banned, and needless to say his books rise above the level of “shitposts”, which is what gets most others banned, and you can’t say that about many writers can you?

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