Finding a weird map brings me more joy than most things

Does it seem ominous at all to you that I’m looking at these because I anticipate absolute chaos in the US? LOL!

So, since I figured that some would appreciate it, I decided to go a day without being racist. Not really

The idea of the neoreactionary trichotomy has really stuck with me. I find this significant as well

Remember this? Profound implications if true, I’m just not holding my breath. Is there a map out there that shows where hermeticism and secret societies are? One cannot be so lucky to find one of those.

Anyway, what immediately strikes me about Russia’s population density is that it’s similar to Canada being the “Northern United States”- they’re Eastern Europe. (I say that as a sort of put-down.)

All that land for what? If the Chinese and Indians keep their breeding rates up can’t you imagine something like this happening?

Demographic shifts of the future, how exciting. Let’s populate the world with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rate people, doesn’t that sound ideal to you? Oh, that’s an illogical statement? You don’t say?

I wonder what’s going on with this border here after seeing this anecdote about Dugin

Based alert.

That must be awkward for Ukraine and Belarus

Not exactly Russian, not exactly European?

I wish the US had a place as interesting as Russia to border. Imagine if Mexico were like Ukraine and Belarus, and Central America was like Russia. Nope, we just got a bunch of savage spics. Can we just cleanse their countries already to create more land for our own people?

You can’t say this about most places south of the US. You can say it about the more civilized Russians.

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