Corporations with highest revenue by country

Anything stand out immediately to you?





Sinopec group = oil and gas

State grid corporation = electric utility monopoly

So based on these stats, who pretty much owns the world? Fossil fuel execs.

It’s interesting that Amazon is so prominent in the US, in light of this. People don’t have to buy fossil fuel because things are delivered to them. Might we infer that people use fuel to travel to buy things? And then travel to work to make money so they can buy fuel so they can travel to buy things? Just the basics here, how the world turns. Based on this info I wonder- what is it that made Walmart what it is? Why isn’t a “Walmart” more prominent in Europe or China?

Let’s look at this map again, and search for what some of these foreign corps sell, since if you’re like me you probably never heard of them

Orlen = oil and petrol

Total = oil and gas

Metinvest = mining

Eni = oil and gas

I didn’t know it was like this! Not to this degree at least.

Santander = banking

OMV = oil and gas again wtf!

“real formalism hours”

Ok let’s do South America just for fun

You don’t even need to google these, they’re all what you expect.

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