This submerged Atlantis between Delaware and Spain mesmerizes me tbh

I grew up a few miles from one of the Great Lakes, so maybe that’s why I haven’t thought of those too much, because they’re so normal to me.

It starts by building off from the coast

or while still attached to the coast itself

And that evolves over time

Until eventually–do you remember this idea? They can be designed to be mobile, so that we detach from the coast and move further and further away from it, potentially forming an island – probably islands in the plural – in the middle of the lake.

This is a pretty choice location if you ask me

The pattern would be that we’d start at the coast, detach from the coast, and move toward the center, THEN start moving toward the coast again, from the center. Until we have our own “moat” so to speak. Call it “Lake Eerie”

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