It was so sprawling

I’m just imaging those Muslims to the South, what would Marxists today say about that if no one knew about their non-PC “side-thoughts”? Too stupid to understand Marxism? That’s a formidable book then, the Quran, if the works of Marx could move even European peoples, and yet the Muslims kept their faith in Allah. “That was a bad idea to have that faith” a realtalk Marxist might tell me. Meanwhile the the “Marxists” of today are Islamizing Europe? Strange twist.

If you add China to the equation it’s even more sprawling

This is a Cold War map. What strikes me first is the “coldness” of it if you can excuse a pun- how much of these two territories are even inhabited? Geography intimidates in this way, when the reality is- oh yeah we got lots of Alaskans up there, you better be afraid. So it’s mostly east and west coast Americans vs. “Eastern Europe” and Eastern China.

This is what was known as the Bamboo Curtain

This is all really starting to give me the idea that Marx is the key to understanding recent world history.

It goes without saying that there’s something about Chinese, Mongolian, and Korean people I don’t trust, and honestly, looking at this

I start to wonder about all these white people who might deceive me too. If they move to the US are they just going to try the same thing again? Or did they learn? Something I noticed just now about Dugin saying “That’s the end, my friend…” is that I’m not even sure he learned exactly. Is there still a will to vengeance among these people because the USSR was a disaster? They’ll “pay us back in the same coin” was what Dugin said. Why don’t you pay Marx back? Isn’t it his fault? Blame the people who disagree with you. Like I’ve said before, I was born approximately the same time as the fall of the Berlin wall so I don’t understand these things in the same manner as people who were adults at that time. All the above certainly sheds light on the impetus of Russiagate. Which, when you realize the “Soviet” character of the US, and the reactionary character of contemporary Russia, only adds a new twist to the plot.

So what are you doing here, USSR refugees?

I’ll be watchin you.

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