Had one of those rare refreshing moments the other day where I saw a leftist finally admit that every institution has the same opinion as them. Said something to the effect of “So they’ve monetized justice, what about it?” No, you’re incentivized to believe it’s justice because it’s monetized. Why is it so rare for them to go that far? There’s a disturbing quality to this. It’s because they intuit that the more crypto a government it is the more secure it is. For instance I know of a Mexican who knows all about the unsavory factors motivating the psychology of the typical leftist jew and he would never say anything about them because he knows that the more secretive their control is the more “justice” Mexican people will get. The left knows on some pre-verbal level that the less people know or think about the ones who rule over them, the more effectively will the plans of leftism be carried out.

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