Intersectionality could be so much more visionary, why leftists are content, even passionate, about its prevailing manifestations is beyond me. Imagine if instead of pulling statues down because blacks are criminals (🤔) there were protests outside of k-12 buildings over how tax money isn’t being used so that little prole girls are fluent in Latin and Greek before the age of 10. It’s because of intersectionality’s tie with globalism. Workers and women aren’t seen as important in the context of emancipating the entire world. Once again, how pretending blacks aren’t criminals with a base culture and allowing meth and heroin a free flow across the border is “emancipating the entire world” is beyond me and I don’t understand why leftists would be content with that “justice”. So their methods to help fight racism are ill-devised. That means that focusing on POC instead of women and workers is even futile, so the left isn’t helping any of the three groups. Nice work bravo. The sad truth is that none of them truly even care about rising above their lots. All they care about is that 1. people be “nice” to them (unwarrantedly flattering), and 2. be given free stuff that they probably won’t even put to good use (again, with all the leisure during covid what have you actually done?) A lidderul knotzee has higher standards for the left than any of your pundits, I feel sorry for you. Some are just so terrified of being dogpiled by the shame-mobs otherwise they might make similar suggestions

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