Anyone who makes a claim of any kind that is some kind of refugee should be entirely disregarded, this is what I say as a Euro-mulatto. Irish, Jews, Mexicans, Menas, Latinas, Italians, Pakistanis, anyone who moved here to get away from their country shouldn’t have any say about anything. If you do that you’re just increasing your rabble population and setting yourself up for a slave-revolt. None of these people care about anything besides staying alive after leaving a place where they were fighting for mere survival. You are pitiful people. Explain in an essay why you deserve to have a vote and then maybe we should think about it. No cancel-culture allowed here, all of a sudden you don’t know what you would say because your fellow co-ethnics would cast you out of the group if you started talking that way. Give me an essay about how you don’t intend to turn the country you’re moving to into a third-world country and then maybe you can be a citizen in a new patch of the future.

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