I haven’t alienated Middle Easterners enough, I feel neglectful, I’ll have to get on that

How do you judge a culture? Whatever that framework is, when I think of the Middle East I’m easily distracted because I determine it isn’t even worth judging. Seems like a boring place. It’s easy to go from that awareness to this mindset

In other words, welp your culture is useless, so what resources do you have? Is that an old-fashioned attitude to have? What, you think I want to learn from Islam? What has Islam ever done for them? Here’s a map from space at night

Some of them “borrowed” technology from the people of the false religion at least and don’t have to sit around a fire and soothe each other that Allah is the one true God. Once again I ask, how do you judge a culture? Having technology is one way. Inventing technology is another.

Many Jews have done that, so they’re a step above most Muslims, at least by that standard. Israel, what a place to be

It’s different over there


Whether they’re secular or religious I imagine it’s a thorn in the side to the surrounding Muslims. Go ahead, just a set up a country with beliefs antagonistic to our own

That just causes religious doubt to have them there. They couldn’t hate them this bad, could they?

That’s pretty harsh! Think of it in this context though then it’s more understandable

A people who rejects the Quran in favor of an earlier book, that would cause despair if thought about too much. Right next door too, you don’t want that. Especially in light of this, taking into consideration how small a population Jews actually are

Once again, how do you judge a culture? Such a substantial proportion of the world’s population, and what do they have to show for it?

…Nothing? Isn’t that itself proof that the Quran is

This is the only Middle East that matters, without this they’re nothing

Just more refugees for others with a better understanding of the divine to give charity to. Speaking of that

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