WW2 must have had a more lasting effect on Europe than America in certain ways

If you think of it in terms of major battles, traumatizing bloodshed is foreign to American soil, that seems like the obvious explainer

All that murder, all that genocide, it must have affected them differently than us.

To what degree is this true I wonder

This is extremely telling

Do you get the implication here? It has been declared evil to do this because… -winces- Jews were genocided for being determined to be a sort of inherent criminal.

And who looks like those Nazis who would follow that stereotyping which is so insensitive?

This explains the anti-Trump ethos too, judging those Mexicans to be inherent criminals… WW2 is still alive and well in the US too. Not on this level though

While France is Islamizing because of this, at least Beauvoir’s impact is still felt

It goes back farther than her though- if you think of yourself as one of her granddaughters, consider that she was a granddaughter herself, of the revolution

Only a matter of time before the égalité telos unfolded into feminism.

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