If you want to talk about cladistic religion, how about Mexico’s?

Aztecs? Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about that? What is it that we know the Aztecs for anyway? Any particular thought arise in your mind?

Ritual human sacrifice by chance? Or was it cannibalism? Don’t worry, they weren’t alone

Even our very own wikipedia hasn’t erased this from history yet, a shocker.

What would you have thought if you were her?

How many of their descendants are still alive today? Notice how no one mentioned this during any of those protests. Lowkey way of supporting ritual human sacrifice and cannibalism, among other barbaric activities. Any response? Any response? No because you’re a shithead- another objective fact.

The Mayans were no saints either. This really is a key piece of the puzzle for the immigration debate.

I always wondered why Mel Gibson out of all people would’ve made this film, I think I understand now

Bataille in the Accursed Share doesn’t hold anything back about the Mexicans, I mean Aztecs, excuse me

A first bowl of the victim’s blood, drained from the wound, was offered to the sun by the priests. A second bowl was collected by the sacrificer. The latter would go before the images of the gods and wet their lips with the warm blood. The body of the sacrificed was his by right; he would carry it home, setting aside the head, and the rest would be eaten at a banquet, cooked without salt or spices–but eaten by the invited guests…

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