This could be us

Nothing says “existentialism” like this. The viscerality of eternity. Freedom. Decision. Faith.

That’s a subterranean dimension of the Israel question, the existential, which in plainspeak is a way of talking about Moods with a capital m.

Another study I’d like to find. Speaking of mockery, that’s probably exactly what Israel is to them, a mockery of their Salvation. “Na na na na na na na your Book is wrong”. Mecca is a mirage in the desert. Muhammad was hallucinating. Everything you believe, everything you do, is meaningless. The presence of Israel to them is probably a perpetual call to atheism. The stray thought, “Should I be learning ancient Hebrew?” crosses one’s mind, and—cue a crazy cross-eyed Arab detonating a suicide bomb. REEE! 💥 It all has to do with faith and doubt. You could imagine a similar dynamic if we were to install a white ethnostate in Nevada or somewhere. It would cause leftists skepticism and neuroticism hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha 👹 That’s the purpose of cancel-culture, to eliminate that. It’s an exorcism of the demon that puts in doubt their faith in the this-world salvation of Liberation.

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