Still trying to formulate a “social science” to explain those riots, since I know academics are unable to portray those events in any honest manner. Let’s start with the basics- the premise that belief inspires action. People don’t act out of nothing, they act because they believe certain things. So what did these mobs believe? I postulate that they were operating with a fuzzy idea of history that they’ve been taught, and which they don’t try to bring into clarity because it’s better for their self-esteem to keep it vague. Implicitly and ever so subtly they believe in the myth of the noble savage. This belief is necessary for their rage. It would be snuffed out if they thought about it too much. I’ll give you an example of what they do not want to think about

“Bro Satan is cool, what are you talking about?” They won’t say this because they’d sound like fools. “Cannibalism is cool bro.” Who are you to say they were further from God? is the next step of their reasoning since they don’t want to look like a fool and support cannibalism outright. So they operate with a vague cultural relativism. I never get tired of reminding people that beliefs don’t appear out of nowhere. Many Americans have inherited this notion of the noble savage from a few thinkers of the past

Others in history have disagreed with their portrayal

So who’s right? If Locke was right that they were distant from Reason, or if the puritans were right that they were distant from God, you start to wonder about the closeness to reason, closeness to god, or what have you of actions like this

Take the Aztecs again, as the most glaring example. What is Satan? What is evil? How about stabbing the still-beating hearts out of so many innocent people a day that the blood never ceases to flow down the pyramid’s steps, then beheading them, and tossing them down to flail like a ragdoll into the waiting hands of drooling cannibals? Does that sound evil to you? Does sound reasonable to you? Because that’s what all the rioters and their supporters must subtly believe in order to be so mad. That there wasn’t something truly and grotesquely satanic about many indigenous people. Well tell me, how cool is Satan bro? Go join these people and find out

“Mm tasty liberal! The more brainwashed they are, strangely, the more their brains have a naturally savory flavor – delicious!”

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