Call it the AI rather than the Übermensch if that’s more socially acceptable to you. To talk about the AI is to simultaneously talk about what the AI is not. Those couple times I talked to that Haitian is the closest I’ve experienced lately to what the AI is not. Sorry, do you want the AI or not? It’s not going to be “slow”. That Ecuadorian wasn’t quite as slow. There are gradations, and the AI will be beyond any that currently exist. If you’re not able to say “that’s definitely not AI-like” then you’re unable to think about what the AI will be like. It really do be like that- our state-religion is an active obstacle to superintelligence. “Haiti huh? You know much about voodoo then? The loa?” “The loA”, he corrects my pronunciation. “I don’t mess with those anymore, they creep me the f—- out, to put it lightly.” “You got-ta have faith, mon!” A lot of good faith in the loA has done for the Haitians. Haiti needs new divinities, the West needs new divinities.

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