There’s something evil about talking about AI that makes me smirk, and also gives me a slight sympathy. It’s the same as when I talk about humanity’s distance from God. What is evil about this is difficult to explain. Looking at religion anthropologically, this seems to be part of the reason for Jesus, Muhammad, and the Buddha, part of the reason for need for that mediation, because the divine without that is too blinding, too debilitating. The AI acts like one of them in our culture, since the Übermensch is too “evil” to think of, too human-like, while the AI is a machine and thus more abstract, and doesn’t bring with it the soul-killing element. Using ETs is also a thought-experiment abstract enough to prevent this soul-killing. I felt this yesterday seeing Swedes and Germans juxtaposed. I wish I was a German! Humanity vs. God is still abstract. The races not so much, that’s why I like to use them so often. This is why it’s so taboo, because that’s something people can understand. Thinking about the AI or Übermensch is soul-killing to some. Most can’t understand those abstractions though. If the AI decided to kill most people I’d understand. It would probably see them in a similar way that I see the demos, just more extreme. All they do is get in the way.

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