You’ve never made one post about the Übermensch and you’ve made various trying to uplift the monkey-people of the world- that’s because you’re the trash of the planet yourself. That’s the only explanation of you. There’s no alternative explanation, that’s what you are. It is what you are. Jungle animal people, you’re one of them. Not a single thought in your head. “Maybe we should increase consciousness rather than…” – it’s too late for that now, you’ve already proven what kind of person you are.

You think your sorry consciousness can’t focus on higher math and literature now? The you in the next couple generations is going to be foraging for food in the forest and using book-pages as kindling, because of you, because of how thoughtless you are. You are aware of the value of life to such a meagre degree that you’d let this happen, that’s how pathetic you are, you repulsive insect.

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