I remembered a perfect thinker for the left in this time, who I never see mentioned anywhere. Beauvoir-tier. I’m not saying who it is though, why should I keep giving you people weapons?

You have to pick who your friends are, and that’s going to shape who you are. I used to have a tumblr account for years where I only followed people who posted quotes from geniuses and discussed those quotes, that was a nice little society. Friends who are friends with the dead. You don’t get that much on twitter. That’s not good, the standard “friend” being the MSM and those who are friends with them. Sharing current events rather than old books affects one’s personality at the most fundamental level.

Anyway, I was thinking of Fanon. It’s better to have him as a “friend” than any of these unthinking, surface people who are BLM-adjacent. I just like to have respectable enemies is all. There’s a difference between supporting something and being able to provide rational reasons for why you support something- I guess this is the difference between the left-rabble and the academic-rabble. At least with the latter they’re allowed to be friends with old books. I’m not sure that’s the case with the former. “Only trifling media is allowed”, there’s a stigma around being friends with canonical figures. Remember this university I found? That’s just pure “white supremacy” to many of these people who are too good of friends with the MSM and the rest. You might be able to get away with Fanon because he’s black- even then though there seems to be a negative connotation around “media” that isn’t simplistic. This is a democratic tendency. “Only if everyone understands it then…” otherwise you’re being a class-traitor, a racist, callous and arrogant, etc. I can’t think of one prominent leftist of history who would’ve thought that’s a good thing. Well, with the exceptions of Stalin, Mao, Kim, oh whoops. We’re in the midst of a cultural revolution where ignorance is subtly designated as a virtue. Doesn’t have to be you, you can read in secret. Not just Beauvoir and Fanon please- the ones who influenced them are more profound. Sticking with them would be a step beyond sticking with the MSM, and there are some thinkers who make them look like the MSM. It all depends what thought-wave you want to be on. Most are content to be on the most simplistic one, because our culture rewards people for that. Eyes them with suspicion the more refined “friends” they have.

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