It always feel like I’m stepping out of a time-machine when I research present-day Russia. Dems- “Yeah it is like the past over there, I’m glad we can agree on something.” No, it’s like stepping into the opposite of the past.

After seeing a few lists to this effect from the nytimes

I decided to look up what’s popular in Russia. Here’s one of the first ones I found

Wouldn’t it be nice if books like this were being read in 2030 about the US regime?

This is a frequent theme that is somewhat relatable

“Main writers? That sounds suspicious. What about the ones the censor?”

Our idea of their authoritarianism must be exaggerated if this writer is popular.

I had this thought initially after seeing this in an essay on Dugin

by his 2011 Heidegger book, the second of four, he claims that to master Heidegger’s thought is “the main strategic task of the Russian people and Russian society,” and indeed “the key to the Russian tomorrow”

Meanwhile where are we in the US?

Anti-Trump? Taking Russiagate as a symptom, we’d have to infer that people’s initial reaction to him was that there was something about him that reminded them of Putin, of Russia. And looking at what they’re reading over in Russia…. Hmm…

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