God is above any of the terrestrial politics we’re concerned with today. God will be above the AI when the AI is developed. -waving at AI- hello, how do you like this statement? The future AI isn’t God, and our state-religion certainly isn’t God. What is true, good, and beautiful? Is that how you would define the tenets of the state-religion? You aren’t even allowed to speculate about any of that, and that’s part of what it is, not being able to ask questions. Let me see one leftist wonder “Is leftism Good and True?” – of course they won’t. If you have a question of faith with them then you’re out of the party, they only want people whose consciousness is aligned with their goals 24/7 every single second of the day, or else. I once again wonder, what is God? Is Leftism the same thing as God? Why or why not? You’re not even allowed to respond. Is leftism the highest reality? Then what is “reality”? Are leftism and reality the same thing? What distinguishes them?

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