A couple recent revolutions

The question that follows that seems natural to me is, How do they define literacy?

They can read well enough to fill out a census? That’s not saying much. Me llamo Pedro. Intenté leer Cervantes una vez y me di por vencido.

This is a recent revolution. One significant factor is going to be intergenerational emulation. “Grandpa had a library.”

Then, in the case of the Middle East especially, it’s going to be a question of what exactly is being read. If the only book you ever read all your life is the Quran does that count as “literacy”? Ask that question again and I will give you a taste of my shoe, by Allah. I can imagine some backward parts of the Middle East might see even 1001 Nights as a heretical text, some godawful place like Pakistan.

For instance

This appears in the results, what’s this about?

“The secret- I like Nietzsche more than the Bible”?

Anyway, Europe has had a headstart for centuries on literacy

Netherlands was killin it. Once again though, how many of these were, say, Prots, and read the Bible and nothing else? Some clues here

This is an interesting wiki page

It really hasn’t been that much different in the West throughout our literate history

Just being a casual racist, what is the quality of the literature in these countries I wonder

If there was something exceptional I’m sure the rabid left would have jumped on the opportunity to translate it into English, and I’ve heard of next to nothing good from most of these places – “Well you’re just ignorant then because as a matter of fact there’s a Sri Lankan Aristotle living right now, educate yourself.” Sure there is.

Do you not get how recent this is?

This is exciting! This is a global revolution of intelligence-increase. At least potentially, it’s still in its infancy, don’t let all the blue above fool you. How many Indians for instance use their “literacy” to read the fine-print on their curry-packaging? They’re not studying much Krishnamurti over there.

I make this post, though, not to criticize those poor Indians, I make it to criticize the West, where everyone is supposedly “literate” and–what do they actually read?

Here’s another interesting one

From my observations, if we’re going to define “literacy” rigorously, the globe might as well still be in the year 1475

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