You have no idea how ecstatic it makes me to happen upon something like this

“Sowing division?”

The DNA of class – isn’t this something relevant to Marxism? Marxist-CRISPR intersectionality? Bueller? Bueller?

Some key terms

“Real Marxism has never tried to… make everyone Brahmins.”

-your moment of Zen voice- Your moment of formalism. OBC! “Scheduled Castes”, now that’s more of a euphemism.

A pretty basic North/South distinction

Physiognomically speaking

the difference might seem slight, and then you remember this statistic of the highest earners in the US

Something worth studying on a genomic level, clearly.

I’d like to know about these upper castes, their traits and the genetic correlation of these traits

What could we learn about this society that was so strict in its practice of rangordnung for centuries?

Seems we have a similar dynamic to this in the US today cough cough

Nobody wants to see you peasants. I’m thinking of a girl right now. Who? The backward caste reading this.

Be gone, unclean one

Totally kidding of course… ahahahaha

Americans be like “We need to put the latrine cleaners in places of authority!!”

Wise words have never been spoken from this man, I guarantee you

Welp my abuseometer has maxed out for now, I’ll chat with you later.

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