Okay, I’m not a lawyer, this just seems like a possible path we could take if we had talented lawyers on our side.

Article Four, Section Three of the Constitution

Given that Congress is thoroughly enmeshed in the dominant power-structure–not mincing any words, we’d have to “pull a fast one on them” and all move to one state without ever directly revealing why we’re moving there. We’d have to fabricate a motivation so that they’d actually approve of the Act of Admission. From there, once we have the state, it would encourage others to form satellite states around our periphery, and eventually we might begin to mark out a territory in the US that is occupied by what has been referred to as “the silent majority”, the normal people who want to have normal lives who are afraid of speaking out against the established belief-system here. This is one way to do it, theoretically.

This is an anomaly we’ll have to study also

If we gradually moved there, bought up half of it, possibly all of it eventually, it might be easier to make a new state that way. “Exitology” lol. What if we uh if you wanted to play dirty, figured out how to trade one’s citizenship in NYC with a Puerto Rican’s? Send a bunch of them there to make it even more unlivable, meanwhile we’re creating a paradise in the Caribbean, just a thought.

From there, we could gradually take over the Dominican Republic, they’re not too bright, IQ82, not to mention Haiti IQ67, we’ll make them DVDs about how beautiful NYC is, and park some free boats on their shores, shouldn’t take much time to brainwash them to leave, enjoy your new citizens, New Yorkers, you earned them.

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