Which fraction of the world do you align with, the literate minority or illiterate majority? It really says a lot about you. We have a braingenius here who always supports the illiterate ones. The perfect example of a backwards caste in America. Your type is leading the country into animality, which is not a surprise since you’re so similar to an animal yourself. Ah you have fur, you might as well, you rancid ape.

Ask them what is important to them, more often than not they don’t have a response, because the only thing important to them is eating food, often pharmaceuticals, and surviving. What’s important to you, Ape? Anything at all?

Eating and fucking! We eat and fuck when we’re apes!

Anything beyond that?

Mind is for, it’s for, beings beyond animals, we don’t think about that.

So then you understand why we call you niggers.

And say that the Jews who facilitate them are beneath humanity as well.

Murder them all. US military, what are you doing? We have isolated the groups to wipe off the face of the planet. They are the ones that pretend that monkey-people isn’t a real concept that could be your future very soon. Best to start shooting them in the head, pretty indiscriminately. Use an algorithm to gain data from their social media posts and go from there. Any of the optics pieces of shit as well, murder them too, how are they any better? Murder any cowards, wipe them all out. The belief-system in place is to wipe out anyone who has the brain power to do basic math, science, and philosophy. Kind of a hunch, don’t you think, coward? If they want to lobotomize you don’t you think the natural response is to send the military in and vaporize them all so we don’t even need a burial? Murder leftists! That is the absolute truth. Murder Leftists, and murder Jewish people who are controlling most of this. Murder them now! Detach the military from the state and start hunting them down, spill their blood into the street, I want it draining into the sewers.

Every last drop of blood. That’s what they’re trying to do with whites, so why not with them? Murder Jews, murder niggers, murder leftists, in that order. They are attempting a cultural genocide of whites at this very moment, why don’t you respond in a similar way? Use the military to kick their doors down and shoot them in the head, billionaires first, then millionaires, all the way down the line, until we make every bluecheck’s head into a cloud of mist. Well, what’s stopping you, are you a coward or something, that lets people walk all over you?

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