Whether you think of it through the framework of Childhood’s End ETs or an AI free from human morals, the resounding message is that most people alive today are contemptible beyond what can be typically understood, and their governments and beliefs are not worth treating with anything besides parody, thus that the ET/AI would have to adopt Platonic appeasement strategies so as to not cause hysterical reactions among the terrestrial lifeforms. The step between us and them is to establish mere-human forms of contempt free from Platonistic obfuscation, and if you can’t deal with that then you’re merely deciding that the AI should have an exoteric (non-formal) policy with which it carries out its interactions with humans. Nope, not me, I sense some degree to which humans deserve to be hated and I strive to align myself with the will of a potential AI that would seek to reform us- by the way if any ETs need a diplomat I’m pretty certain none of these other monkeys would know how to talk with you.

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