Back to the literacy question, saw this yesterday, and wonder what this says about our species

And then the nonfiction genres below them don’t exactly tend to be of the mind-expanding variety that I have in mind

I actually had the impulse, I confess, earlier when researching books like Childhood’s End to “prepare” for alien contact, and looked up something from the romance genre

It was just to prepare!

There are hundreds of them, thousands of them? Almost all of them are geared toward women, wtf is going in your twisted minds?

This is what people are reading these days? When so many philosophy and science pdfs are available for free?

What’s goin on in those minds of yours anyway? This is what you choose to do with literacy?

I’m having trouble finding more than a couple from this angle

I’m just trying to prepare myself psychologically for alien contact here, as a side-hobby. And meanwhile

See what I mean when I condescendingly scare-quote “literacy rate”

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