Let’s see how much China differs from us

The Chinese publishing sector is regulated by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China. According to the Chinese Book Market Data (2014), there are currently around 580 official publishing houses in China, all of them state-run.

That’s a lot different than ours, right? Right?

They’re different because they’re more honest about it

Interestingly, while publishing is an ideologically important sector…

Their book-market is worth between 20-23 billion and 58.4% of their population reads regularly. Let’s take a look at genres

According to one source,

readers of Chinese books today have more choice of genre, voice and subject matter than they have had at any time in the last 60 years. During the Cultural Revolution, schools and universities were shut down and books were banned. Writers under Mao could be executed, imprisoned or ostracized for political incorrectness. (Sometimes they still are.) […]

No guidebook of forbidden topics, no glossary of forbidden words, exists.

Textbooks accounts for 1/4 of sales from bookstores, I’d like to find statistics on what kinds of textbooks. Whatever they are, they have to be better than the sjw and alien romance smut that’s popular over here.

Online sales is different- children’s books is the highest selling category at 29%. Inculcating the value of reading textbooks over puerile nonsense at a young age, that’s a good sign.

Looks like India might be closer to us

Should’ve stuck with the Vedas.

Another encapsulation of China’s book industry

So glad to live in the land of lust, of retards banging uneducated retards. What do they do with their historically unprecedented literacy rate? Textual pornography. All most people are is objects who are content with being objects, whether they’re in the first or third world. All the riches, all the education, all the leisure our agricultural ancestors could ever dream of and they still cannot rise above the level of unthinking animals.

Only 5 hours a week AHAHAHA! and it’s mostly spent reading pure mindless drivel at that.

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