The most schizo thing you’ll see today – these are actual courses

I’m pretty sure I’d like this to be offered the first week, not the twelfth

“After twelve weeks where they might have been manipulating you, we’re going to tell you how to avoid that. Err, how you could’ve avoided it at least, before it was too late.”

I might sound like a loon for even posting this kind of thing, let me explain. There are different quasi-mythological representations of superintelligence in our culture, and they range in terms of how sci-fi or realistic they seem. AI is the least unrealistic of them, at least in the popular mind. Others besides ETs and AI are CRISPR-people and Angels. One is able to speculate and psychologically adjust to the idea of superintelligence itself through thought-experiments involving any of these four types. Most find AI as the most realistic so that’s the most frequently used for thought-experiments. In an anti-theological culture, angels aren’t going to seem realistic- likewise, in an anti-genetics culture, CRISPR-people aren’t going to seem realistic. I don’t share those biases so they tend to be equally realistic as the AI, at least to me. As for ETs, it’s difficult to be close-minded about them

Whether you think ETs are too sci-fi or not, courses taught by an institute founded by the one who wrote a book like this would be a helpful mental exercise to prepare for the AI, which you probably don’t think is very sci-fi.

ETs, AI, CRISPR-people, Angels, to talk about one is to talk about the others, in a sense.

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