I just wish leftists would have a sense of humor about their groupthink behavior or self-awareness about it once in a while. Every current event that they have to make “good leftist statements” about they never express any cynicism that “haha I guess this is the trend ‘we’ have decided this week”. Kant’s moral philosophy is all you need to see right through the left at every turn. They don’t support a given cause “for itself”, they don’t do it because it’s intrinsically valuable, they do it as a form of group-participation. It’s more about the utility of “being one of the group” than it is about actually caring about atrocity y or calamity z. Causatively speaking, more often than not there is first a general consensus by many leftists that something is morally repugnant, and then, from there, all the rest decide that they miraculously “see” the immorality, and “just so happen” to agree with the group that that should be the focus. The value of the group’s convictions is higher in importance than what the convictions are about. The cause is not valuable in itself, rather the group is valuable in itself.

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