I’m imagining the left and right as one person inhaling and exhaling. Wouldn’t you prefer peace between us? I don’t think it’s possible to disagree that both sides on a certain level subscribe to the Hegelian idea that the meaning of Geist in history is actualizing freedom. Remember, Hegel was writing approximately about the same time that our Founders were establishing the US, and they had a similar idea in mind, and this idea has diverged off into different trajectories since then. The left thinks it’s going to actualize freedom in the world through censorship of anyone who questions whether any human has the equal-opportunity to be moral, intelligent citizens by mere virtue of being born a “human”. So now I have a question for the right

Is this something you really want? “Illiterate tardwife”? To what degree are you larping about that? It seems obvious that what’s preferable is an intelligent tradwife, it’s just that in post-modernity, after we’ve tried this experiment, that seems like an oxymoron, so many have concluded that women’s rights is just a misguided suggestion. If you think of the ideal though, in contrast to the reality, you might start to see why I say that the right too has its own Hegelian element of wanting to actualize freedom. If you ask most guys on the right that I know of if they’d be happy if they heard that many South Americans were reading Newton, Descartes, and others from our intellectual tradition, there’d be no question about it, of course they’d be happy. This is just another subtle characteristic of the supposed “Nazis” among us. We want them to be white. That just so happens to coincide with wanting them to be free. And you’re labeled a white supremacist for bringing this up. We want women to be free too, and that just so happens to coincide with acknowledgment of the fact that as our counterpart they’re baby-machines and they have to use their freedom to carry out their role most effectively. The contemporary left is opposed to freedom in every sense- tribal indians and other indigenous peoples don’t have any notion of cognitive and political freedom. If our countries have too many of them that Hegelian project is not going to ever actualize. Yes, believe it or not, I a bloodthirsty advocate of genocide would like to see all of the world free and educated. You’re not going to get that with your policy of presupposing that everyone has an equal capacity and thus Western countries can merely be replaced racially. What you’re going to get with that is New Arabia, New Honduras. We need to maintain a population of people who care about freedom and education in order for the rest of the world to be brought up to the level of literacy. And most of the left mob of today isn’t even at that level. Geist is freedom actualizing in history and the right is the freedom that sees the errors of the left.

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