“Eat your vegetables, they’re good for you!” is going to be a thing of the past.

Eventually there’s not going to be anything at the grocery store that isn’t edited.

“Medicinal” food, “prescriptive” food, what could this mean?

Here’s a name I didn’t want to hear

Learned earlier that ExxonMobil has invested in CRISPR too, great–to develop an algae-based biofuel. That’s harmless. It’s when you transfer this language from grocery stores and cars to the people who drive to them and shop in them that it starts to seem less innocent

The best people begin with the best genetics.

Most people are about as bland as a cabbage, who can deny that?

Look how much they’ve already isolated from and edited in the tomato

You’re telling me we’re not going to do the same thing with humans eventually?

You’d be lying to say there aren’t at least a few of these traits that are universally, objectively bad, and should thus be edited out

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