All the left’s political projects are in vain, and everything they do is meaningless and out of denial and for the need to not be ostracized. Whether its reparations for slavery, the emancipation of women, or the granting of citizenship to jungle or sand people, all of it is a waste of time in light of gene-editing. They cling to their old religion for social points, at the cost of real progress. They’re too emotionally invested in the blame-game of cops bad white man bad to actually focus on how to improve people. And the ones who might want to improve people have to align with the emotions of the mob at the moment in order to not be out-casted to a place worse than the ones they wish to improve. Giving women rights hasn’t really done much for them, that’s the basic minimum- freeing the slaves hasn’t really done much, that’s the basic minimum- letting Latinos live in the US hasn’t really done much, that’s the basic minimum. And that’s all the left strives for because they’re too afraid to face the implications of the next step of humanization. You could say I “care” about women and POC- the truth is I simply just hate being around idiots, so yeah you could say I care. The left is doing precisely nothing to make them stop being idiots. Nothing. If anything, they’re only reinforcing their idiocy. I’m sick of dealing with you “people”, and so I offer you this alternative. This is what I find significant at this moment, CRISPR-related patent applications. As of a year ago, the US was at 872, China at 858, and Europe at 186. The quantity isn’t that important, it just gives you some idea of this science, that is in its infancy, that is going on in the world. My first question is, how much of this research has to be translated into English? This is where we are, leftist emancipationists, this where we are in bringing about real change for the disadvantaged groups you supposedly care so much about. Keep shouting white man bad, POC good all you want, it’s not going to help the latter whatsoever, that’s just a strategy of liberation that’s been confirmed to be obsolete, and you’re only living in the past.

This is what I want to know about

These are the most “Marxist” groups in their country, I wonder if the CCP is even aware of that? The most Nietzschean too, as far as “larval phase” research goes.

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