Salad that doesn’t need dressing, bite-sized coreless apples. Sea urchins that aren’t poisonous, turkey that doesn’t make you sleepy. Just thinking out loud. Cows that don’t stink. Gene-drives for sharks and bears so they don’t attack humans. The animal kingdom isn’t controversial. How controversial though is it to say “I don’t like people who are weasels”? Stinginess, door-to-door salesman behavior in politics. The seven deadly sins is a good place to start in terms of being universally bad. Then you can think of more modern, practical problems, I bet the ladies would like “breasts that don’t need a bra”, or more controversially, “emotional yet not overemotional”? Who defines that! Male scientists?! Glance at this list again and imagine you’re an elementary school teacher

A lot of these traits aren’t controversial at all. If you saw a kid behaving in many of these ways you’d be seen as irresponsible if you didn’t correct them. Objectively irresponsible. Objectively careless. “Don’t be gullible, Billy.” “Don’t be sneaky with Billy, Timmy, that’s greedy.” You don’t want to be a “timid” teacher that allows vice to run rampant because you’re “non-confrontational”. “Don’t be so overcritical, Wagner.” “Don’t be so pompous, Wagner.” Ha, I am “indiscreet”, I’ll give you that. In related news, I never thought to bring Thomas Kuhn into this, he’s the perfect theorist for technologies I talk about

This is from an essay on the optics of discussing emerging innovations I found here titled “Curing the Language of the Food 2.0 Era”. CRISPR constitutes a scientific revolution, and if you need optics for edited food you definitely need it for edited people.

That’s half of “emergent innovations”- not even scientists. Rhetoricians. Good rhetoricians won’t call them rhetoricians. Once again, I’m indiscreet, I’m not a rhetorician, for better or worse. Another essay on the intersection of Kuhn and biology, that the bloodhounds might be interested in.

“Doudnaian revolution” wouldn’t be out of place beside the Copernican, Newtonian, and Einsteinian revolutions, if you asked me. It’s still too new to understand the gravity of it.

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