Thinking about how Trump must have been the most stressed-out person on the entire planet during the height of those riots. The anomaly that is COVID, and then you add that on there? If you think of countries as corporations and their leaders as CEOs, what kind of corporation has to deal with that? Then we had the crypto-CEOs just adding fuel to the fire of the chaos the entire time. Still do. It seems like they want the corporation to go out of business. Is there any other conclusion? In the midst of a pandemic they support riots? MSM, Jack, his lobotomized bluechecks, fucking Nabisco whatever corporations supported all this, all of them need to be fired. Those were poor decisions for the lowkey-CEOs of our country to make, to just add on to the chaos. What is wrong with you? Seriously, what is wrong with you? We’re having a pandemic and you decide you simply have to keep your stupid religion based on lies in the center of public perception? Don’t you think that counts as irrational hysteria? What is wrong with you? How many people died because you and others supported the opposite of “social distancing” you lower than life hypocritical stain and disgrace? You don’t deserve any power. All bluechecks for being part of this should serve five years in a gulag minimum. All MSM CEOs should be publicly executed to teach a lesson to the rest of them. Riots during a plague, how responsible you are. You’re just as bad as the billionaires that screw this country over. Absolute chaos isn’t enough? Time to double the chaos. That’s a good idea. None of you have any brains in your head. Anyone who actively took part in making things worse during a time of crisis should be disempowered. We have your names thankfully, and it would be too bad if a different sort of “riot” started going on in this country, where vigilantes “found” you, and then what, are you going to wish you decided you didn’t defund the police?

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