There’s a war of castes in the United States, just as there is in India. The difference here is that it’s informal, it’s hidden. Hence why when I tell people to “post DNA results” there’s so much anxiety. You sickening peasant. Or are you one of the ones with correlates for “Jewing” people? Oh sorry, that’s probably too much formalism. That’s just what the US is at the present time, you can accept it or not. It’s mob-rule. And plutocrats who make money off of them. Do you want to be one of those two groups? Because I don’t. This is crucial. America is a demos-ocracy. “Democracy” gives it too flattering a connotation. It is controlled by the demos, the dimwitted uneducated ones and their descendants, that was what it was from the beginning, our founders made a mistake, and it is even worse now. All the dirt of the world has moved here hoping for people to “forget” where they originated, be they eastern europeans, irish, italians, jews, Danish proles, Spaniards from Brazil, etc. This is where they have all “congregated” and there isn’t much hope to convince them because this country really isn’t “their” country, they’re just here because it’s convenient to be, and if people start judging them for being genetic defectives then they will burn it down and move somewhere else, that is what the US is to many people. “Let Mexicans in or else you’re calling me a nigger.” Yes, I am calling you a nigger, and the fact that you want all the turd-world to move here only proves that that is exactly what you are!

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