Found some of the globalist intelleckshuals

If you want to get into their heads, toward the project of “understanding them better than they understand themselves” these are the kinds of “media” one should research. Most news is just surface-academia.

From the Journal on Migration and Human Security site

JMHS seeks to publish rigorous and well-argued papers that can significantly inform and contribute to the US and international policy debates on migration.

A snapshot of some of the editorial board – “experts”

The description of another one

These are the kinds of people who are the brains of the operation.

The voting public gets at best a triple-refraction of rigorous articles such as this. They don’t need to understand, they just need to believe.

I’m not being polemical when I say this, alright? None of these can boast of being “first-class”

All these and many many more will share the same conclusions as those journals, and yet there’s a clear order of rank between these styles of “media”. One is for the rabble, guess which one that is. If you really want to get into the mind of the globalist, this is where to look

Thinking back to the Platonic turn,

The demos is at the level of perceivables, journos are at the level of visibles, and academics are at the level of intelligibles, approximately (some academics might be above even that, I just have never found one myself yet – fear of persecution tends to prevent them from scientific publications).

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