I can see this taking off in the future

That said, those among us who see education as the one true lever for societal change are called upon now to incorporate a more holistic and fully representative narrative in the degree programs offered at our colleges and universities. […]

Most of the public and, increasingly, college students gain their information from nonscholarly sources. While in some ways, the easy access to information can be seen as an asset, it also has led to limited narratives and out-of-context data being quickly accepted as the new truth merely by having them repeated by everyone over and over again.

The sad part is that I don’t know of many who aren’t such slaves that they would see this as a bad thing

Even people of the “alt-lite” might as well be on their side, it’s so pathetic. Can you people just kill yourselves and get it over with? Wouldn’t death be preferable to voluntarily accepting to live in an evermore primitive society? That’s what all you ketman cowards decide day after day.

In the meantime, here is one such program offered by DePaul like the ones called for above, that we can use to scope-out for what books will be taught, in order to preemptively refute them, so that people that enroll in these programs can more easily find resources that demonstrate the futility and malignancy of their education

Here’s an example syllabus for a course at Brown University

It makes me guffaw to think that one of the departments we’d need in the Antiversity would explicitly and exclusively be based around gaining expertise on the University itself. Is this your idea of fun subversion? Then these are some ideas for you.

Would be too bad if we used this against them

We need “counter-academics” to create easily accessible and understandable PDFs that turn all of this upside-down. All the people who remain on the level of “memeing” are just nihilists plain and simple who don’t actually care about anything – might as well have the attention-span and closeness to God of a Bolivian farmer. The West is going to deserve everything it gets, and the critical race theory scholars and their MSM and bluecheck cringe-minions aren’t going to be the only ones responsible, 90% of the right is next to useless too, if not less than useless.

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