Another map with meaningless distinctions upon closer scrutiny

This one is more accurate in its relativity

Less free (relative to 2015, without a doubt)
Free (relative to Saudi Arabia)

Free (relative to Cuba)

There’s really no point in talking about internet freedom even to those who supposedly live in countries with a “free” internet, because they’re so mentally imprisoned that they filter most of what they hear just in the way that a mental prisoner would.

Might as well have Muslim internet. Feds won’t knock on your door here, no, and that’s because they don’t need to, because you are already a fed yourself. No point even in making this post.

This sounds familiar

Next to primitive societies we do have free internet, woohoo let’s pat ourselves on the back

The difference here is it costs approximately infinite social capital and USD per hour of honest internet access. So relieved we’re not as backwards as Cuba. The government here doesn’t even have to control people anymore, they’ve made almost everyone internalized feds. The Cuban government should learn from us in this regard, it seems like it was a pretty simple process.

That’s just in the realm of nurture. Most people didn’t even have a chance to begin with without the nurture-factor to seal the deal of the permanent calcification of their simultaneous identity as both prisoner and jail guard

That’s another story though, that, once again, isn’t even worth posting about.

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